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This is a tough market right now for sellers but not impossible. It’s a buyers market, economics 101, supply and demand. There are not enough buyers, a lot of inventory, plus buyers are not qualifying on mortgages like in the past years. With the on-going credit crunch lenders are being more conservative on lending money. Lenders are requesting higher credit scores, full disclosure on documents (W2’s, bank statements, assets) and low debt to income ratios. Tradional conservative lending like 20 to 30 years ago.

Our market and economy will continue to deflate until unemployment numbers start drastically start coming down but with good stable paying jobs, Out sourcing of jobs have to stop which are leading to lower hourly wages here at home. We need higher than normal GDP numbers like 8% to 10% (average). This is part of the equation to help get out of the recession but with out a doubt wages have to increase to help pay for goods, services and taxes. You are already seeing the increase in Government fees, next will be income and other taxes to make up the difference because of personal income losses due to globalization!

As far as selling your home you need to be the lowest priced home in your market right now (based on square feet, beds, baths, year built & so on) or wait until the market stabilizess which could be in 2011 or 2012. It all depends on what actions are taken by the Government to create job growth along with higher paying jobs. Homes have not appreciated since 2006-2007. Home prices have dropped 8% to 25% depending on location. When it was a sellers market sellers received top dollar because there were more buyers than there were homes for sale. When sellers took their money from their sale and purchased another home they paid top dollar.
In a buyers market sellers are reducing their prices to sell because of more homes on the market and not enough buyers. Sellers received less and paid less but paid less, its all relative! You will make up the difference when you buy!
Sellers you need a strong marketing campaign during this market right now. Here at KUNO Real Estate we research markets and analyze data like no other. We think very creative to get the most money possible for your property with the least amount of days on the market. You will also save on real estate commissions. Consultations are free.

Some Ideas To Sell

Do Not, I Mean Do Not Sell Your Home By Owner: For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is not the best way to market your home no matter how good or bad market conditions are. There were some success stories when it was a sellers market but overall percentage wise the numbers were very low. You do not get the exposure like you do with KUNO Real Estate. Also remember that there are up-front fees with FSBO companies. You will lose all that money if you do not sell. With KUNO Real Estate you pay ONLY when you sell.
Give Incentives In This Market: Seller to pay for closing costs, home warranty, new appliances, carpet allowance, selling bonus to the selling agent. KUNO Real Estate has this creative marketing approach to help sell your home in the shortest amount of time. You are competing with other homes for sale in your market place. This helps to open your market to all buyers. It sounds like you are going to lose a lot of money, but its not. Its how we play with the numbers.
Stage Your Home Properly: Get rid of clutter and items that collect dust and that is all they do. There are a lot of low income families that can use your items, have a good heart and donate or have a garage sale. Place furniture and other items proportionate to your room size. I can not stress proportions and balance in each room.
Paint: You will be surprised what a coat of fresh paint will do to a room or home. What ever you do use a neutral color. You can lose a possible sale because the buyer got turned off to unpleasing colors. Dark colors make rooms look small!
PICTURES, PICTURES AND MORE PICTURES: At KUNO Real Estate we take more pictures of the interior/exterior of your home more than any other company. Pictures tell a story like a book. 90% of homes are sold with another (selling agent) Realtor, not your listing agent. It drives us crazy when we see only one picture of the outside on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and that is it. The worst ones are when the listing agent puts on the description section “brand new kitchen and baths” or “all up-dated everything new, remodeled inside” and NO PICTURES! How are you going to sell your home with all that beautiful work that has been done to it and no pictures for the buyers to look at? This is totally inexcusable, period! We have called listing agents to take interior pictures for us so I can email them to my interested buyers. Guess what? Not one agent called us back and these agents are working for large franchise real estate companies.
If your home has not sold, it may not be your home: it's your Realtor. Pictures help in selling homes, period! 75% to 85% of real estate is sold through the MLS-internet. Anyone looking for a property can get on the internet to view properties. I hear it all the time from people: they will go to the next home on the computer if there are no pictures of the exterior/interior plus a detailed description.
Curb Appeal: Just like staging the interior of your home, it’s just as important to do the exterior and the grounds of the property. You do not have to go nuts and spend thousands of dollars, just a little sweat equity. Just clean it up. Give your trees and shrubs a hair cut. Make sure the yard and all its contents have proportions and balance.
Realtor Commissions: You have a total listing commission that is negotiated between the seller and real estate company that will be listing the property.
EXAMPLE: A total commission of 7% is paid by the seller at closing to the listing real estate company. In most cases there is another real estate company that sells your home in which there is a 50/50 split between both real estate companies; 3.5% to the listing company and 3.5% to the selling company.
The listing side commission is the Realtor that list’s the property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The selling commission is for the Realtor (the other real estate company) that brings their clients in to show and sell the property.
On occasion the listing company can also be the selling company, this is called “dual agency” or "limited agency". All commissions are negotiable!
Home Inspection: Have an inspection done with a licensed professional before you place your property on the market. This way you know what items need to be addressed up front. No surprises later when the buyer has an inspection done. We have seen on the MLS deals that have fallen through because the inspection was not done before the property was placed on the market. If you have an accepted purchase agreement that is "contingent upon an inspection" and problems are found, chances are the buyer will ask for the repairs or credit off the contracted purchase price. If seller & buyer can not agree on who is to pay for what, than the deal falls through and the property goes back on the market. What sellers do not know we at Kuno Real Estate will see the "history" of the property on the MLS and all that has happened to it since it was listed.
EXAMPLE: One day on the we were looking for a property in your area and had seen your property has a "contingent offer" based on an inspection. A few days later your property shows up on the MLS "Deal Fell Through". We would see this as a "yellow flag" and tell this to our buyers that there may be a potential problem with the property. Now your property is less marketable. Another reason to have an inspection done before you sell: LAW SUIT. An inspection cost's around $265 and up depending on the size of the property. If a law suit is filed against you an attorney will ask for a retainer ($5000 to $10,000) up front and that number can easily go up.
TAXES: We are seeing wrong assessments on property values. Assessors are not assessing property at true market values (what they are selling for).
Please look into this. Call our office if you need help.
EXAMPLE: We seen an appraisal that showed the subject property appraised at $560,000. The appraisal was wrong. The only way the appraisal company could come up with this number is what the home was assessed for by the County. When we looked at what properties sold for we knew this was wrong. The most a property sold for in that area was $400,000 (true market value). The assessed value should have been at or below $400,000. The appraisal company should have done more home work. Your property tax is based on your assessed value. This will seriously place your property un-marketable when you list it unless you get it corrected ASAP.
This is another reason why KUNO Real Estate is your company. Our research and data collecting is thorough to give you the best information possible. We caught the mistakes of both the appraisal company and the assessor.
Remodeling To Sell: Do not put more money into your home than what the market is selling. If you want to remodel your home call our office first to see if it makes sense for your location and current market conditions.
Remember; Along with being a Realtor Dave Kuno was also a former home builder!

If you need to sell your home to purchase another it can be a challenge but not impossible. Please do not listen to what you hear, every market is different. Dave has 15 years of market research experience. He will take the time to go over all your options in your market and the market you want to be in. This is what sets KUNO Real Estate apart from the rest, Market Research and presenting it to you were it makes sense. Keep in mind when it was a "sellers market" the seller received top dollar. When the seller purchased another home the seller paid top dollar. Now that it's a “buyers market” it's the opposite. When you sell you may break even or lose money but you make up for it when you buy, its all relative!
If you were to sell and not purchase anything then you will lose money (equity).

For example; We helped our client purchase a home four years ago for $215,000 at the time the market was peaking out. Now our client is married with a growing family and in need for a larger home. We sold their home for $195,000, a $20,000 loss.
As soon as we gathered all the information we needed on what type of home they were looking for we started searching the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and found 3 different subdivisions with the school system they wanted to be in. Each subdivision homes were selling differently than the other based on age, square feet, beds, baths and so on. We compared all options and told them this particular subdivision will give them more dollar value with the criteria they were looking for. We helped them purchase a home for $390,000 which sold for $475,000 four years ago. Now you can see the $20,000 loss on their home gave a total gain of $65,000 on their new one ($475,000 minus $390,000 = $85,000 minus the $20,000 loss = $65,000). It’s researching different markets to get the best value for the dollar.
Another example; We sold our clients home for $220,000 that we had helped them purchase six years ago for $250,000, a $30,000 loss. Our clients upgraded to a $450,000 home which four years ago sold for $550,000. Our clients lost $30,000 on their home they sold but they made $70,000 in equity on their new purchase.
The key is when will prices bottom and which markets will bottom first!
This is why Dave Kuno will break down everything you need to know. He is the best when it comes to researching markets and working with numbers!

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Here in the Midwest we do not have huge market swings like they do in California, Arizona, Vegas and Florida. Please do not listen to the media.
Our area has about 4% to 6% average appreciation a year under normal market conditions which we have not had since the late 1990’s to 2001. Home values are based on economics but values were inflated due to above normal market activity that was created by non-traditional lending practices.
We are in a deflationary period due to Globalization and will continue to be for a while unless unemployment numbers start coming down fast. Interest rates staying below 4% may help the market but it goes back to job growth. In my opinion all of 2010 will be like 2009, stagnate or deflationary.
I do not see the FED raising rates either for the rest of 2010.

Even if the Government helps create jobs we could still keep deflating. Why? Because what are these jobs going to pay? We need to create sustainable jobs were the average person is earning 50K to 100K, this will stabilize the market.
Incomes have to exceed the price for goods/services and inflation.
It will continue to be a buyers market until vacant inventory levels get back to normal.
Some areas have experienced an 8% to 15% decline and others 15% to 25% decline. The 15% to 25% declines are homes above $300,000 price range. Why? Because of sub-normal qualifying guidelines which fueled the new construction market in this price range, hence deflation. Existing homes were also affected above $300,000.
There was too much credit available.
The homes up to $130,000 are selling faster than the homes selling from $130,000 to $200,000. The homes above $200,000 are selling slower but once you get above $300,000 that market is the slowest.
Again we have to keep watching; investor confidence, commodities, interest rates, dollar, economic growth, GDP, employment numbers, wage numbers, inflation, deflation because of globalization and how it’s affecting our area. All this will dictate how many distressed properties that will become on the market (Short Sales & Foreclosures). The more homes that are for sale in a subdivision and no buyers, then that will lead to more deflation in home values. If one home in a subdivision is for sale we do not care what the market conditions are home values will be stable, Supply and Demand! There is always one family looking to live in that subdivision. It's when you have a lot of homes for sale in a subdivision that lead to falling prices because sellers keep lowering their price to sell. As a buyer even if prices come down another 3% to 5% you are still ahead of the game. Especially if you buy a foreclosure! You can not lose because of the equity you have made. But again it’s all about economics in an area!
Hopefully we gave you some points to think about please call us if you have any questions.
We are here to help you succeed. We have only scratched the surface on information.

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