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Planning your housing needs


You will know in the first few minutes during your consultation with Dave that you have selected the best buyer agent to represent you for your next purchase. Dave has been a Realtor since 1995 and along with being a top sales agent his resume also includes owning a residential construction company (1995 to 2005 - due to changing market conditions) plus a property management company. The construction company purchased distressed/foreclosed single family homes and apartment buildings. The single families were completely renovated to new then sold. The apartment buildings were cosmetically up-dated then purchased by the property management company and kept as an investment.
Dave has a gift; he knows how to evaluate a property like no other Realtor. He has been educating his clients for years, now he can use this knowledge and experience to help you!
Dave is a full time broker/owner that will dedicate 120% to your success!

First thing we do is sit down and listen to your needs including your family’s life style to come up with a home for you. There are three things that make us produce for our clients which give us a high success rate in finding your dream home or other real estate.

1) Product Knowledge; Dave will take your information and research it in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) plus local and County Government.
You will get detailed market reports on your specific areas of interest including but not limited too; home styles, lot sizes, prices on homes that sold in a 6 to 12 month period, what areas or subdivisions that have greater value over others, how many homes for sale in an area or subdivision and how many days they been on the market. Ratios between active, expired and sold listings that determine good, slow or declining market in an area or subdivision. Price per square foot, rooms and room sizes in relation per square foot, age, amenities and the different periods in which construction techniques started to change along with materials used during that change. Once we go over these detailed reports with you we will schedule showings on the properties that you have selected. Dave will break things down in a very detailed and understandable manner (product knowledge).
Once on the property he will ask you questions on the lot size, home style (arctitechncal features), how is the home location related on the lot and will it meet your needs now and in the future.
Inside of the home he will ask about each floor space, lay out, amenities, functionality and how this will work for your needs now and the future.
After viewing the homes he will give you different options and opinions to help you make that sound decision.
“We just do not want to sell you a home, we want to sell you a future”
We have many clients that call Dave 5 years, 10 years after the sale to thank him again!
2) Construction Experience; For 10 years (1995-2005) Dave purchased residential foreclosures and completely renovated them with all the current up-dates then sold them. This is what makes him the best buyer agent out there, period! He will show you items externally and internally of the home that may need to be repaired and/or replaced plus what current updates have been made. He knows what to look for in a property, it's that simple. He would also re-design and up-date spaces for today’s consumer trends. All new spaces had uniform, proportion and function. This is why his homes sold with-in 30 days after completion (2 week average). Owning a construction company gave him the experience to fine tune his “vision” skills even more to become a premier home buyer agent for his clients.
3) Market Research; When all this information from above is combined he will give you an opinion on the over all condition of the property and what price to offer in that market. This is where his years of market research experience will pay off for you. Our goal is to find you a home in a neighborhood that has the highest value over other neighborhoods in that same school district or a neighborhood that would have the highest value in that community.
That is why Dave knows how important it is to have the right balance in finding a home for you; property location, how much money is needed for updates and repairs, if those repairs justify that market, function and layout of the lot and the inside of the home.
Dave will also explain how all this would help for resale value down the road.
Looking for new construction;
Dave looks at the quality workmanship, materials used, construction techniques and "FUNCTION”.
Consulting Services:
Wanting to build a new home but just do not have time to over see the progress, well you have a reason to build now! We offer consulting services to the professional that has time restraints and can not always monitor the progress and phases of a construction project. We will give you ideas and opinions, keep in constant communication with the general contractor, visit the site on a regular basis, make sure that the right materials are being used and craftsmanship.
We offer the same services for apartment complexes and some commercial.
Land Development & Building Layouts:
Dave has a vision, a gift to look at things logically and in prospective. Take a space and mentally develop it and to make sure that the land and building/s have proportions to co-inside with other surrounding structures and spaces. Obviously zoning, building codes, easements, setbacks, height restrictions, environmental concerns, GREEN technology and materials are part of how land is developed.
You always want to get the best use with the least amount of money with out sacrificing quality and craftsmanship!

Real Estate Investors

Let us help you make 10% to 30% or more return on your money. Dave will show you the secrets that he has used in his successful investing career, like what to pay per individual unit in that area - income analysis, how to cut liability claims - risk assessment and managemt, maintenance procedures (PM’s) to minimize operating costs which help extend the life of your mechanicals, negative cash flow- why it's not always a bad thing and show you how to screen your prospective tenants.
Multi-Units always were a good investment and even more so in our current market/economy and will be in years to come due to globalization. People are not qualifying for mortgages like in the past because of “wage deflation”. This is why I tell my clients to purchase a 4-Unit apartment building and live in one of the units. You get the same interest rate as you would buying a single family home that you would occupy plus all the tax benefits; you write off mortgage interest, building depreciation, taxes, insurance, car mileage and repairs. The best part is you have three other families paying your mortgage. In 12 months buy another 4-Unit to live in and so on. This is how you build steady and secure wealth.
Wall Street, 401K and other retirement/investment programs can not guarantee anything! They all lost 50% of their value!
That is the beauty of real estate you control and manage it not someone else! Why a 4-Unit?
For qualifying reasons (mortgage), when you buy and when you sell!
You can put a minimum down payment (owner-occupied) like buying a single family home because if you purchased anything larger than a 5-unit it's considered commercial real estate and that means a commercial loan, 20% down payment minimum, point to point in a half higher interest rate plus other lender guidelines! That is why they build 4-Unit buildings. When it comes time to sell more volume of buyers will be available to qualify because its considered residential and that means residential mortage terms; minimum down payment, lower interest rates and closing costs.
Here is an example of a portfolio of 4-Unit buildings;
One 4-Unit is used to save for your child’s college education. If you have more than one child then you may need a building for each child. In 18 years you refinance (tax deductible) to pay for education costs or use the monthly positive cash flow depending on how many buildings you have.
One 4-Unit to cover monthly health care premiums and other health care costs. One 4-Unit to cover maintenance issues.
One 4-Unit to pay for material things; car, vacations and such.
Monthly positive cash flow should always be used for material things because these items depreciate in value. Never refinance to purchase deconstructive debt.
Refinance only to buy other real estate, your children’s college education or major exterior and interior building up-dates. The key is to never sell them (capital gains tax) unless you sell them to buy other real estate of equal or greater value (1031 exchange); this way you are deferring the tax.
Remember that if you have to refinance the interest is all tax deductable!


How can KUNO Real Estate help a seller? Just in reverse as we help a buyer. We will evaluate your home and give an opinion on what items that may need attention and based on what other information from the market you are in to come up with a listing price. Yes we are in a buyers market but you can still sell. You have to be realistic on price. We have seen other real estate companies take a listing just to get a listing and that home is still on the market a year later. Please call us for a free market report on your home and area and get the facts not promises.
75% to 85% of homes are sold through the internet-Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and that percentage climbs every year.

The key to selling real estate is having a experienced & knowledgeable Realtor who is working in your best interest. For Example: One picture of the outside, no interior pictures, and a couple words as a description. No wonder why your property has not sold. Buyers on the internet want details and more details. Just put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. They want to see pictures and more pictures and have detailed information about your property. Knowing how to present your home is our goal.

As an option Dave and his Agents will bring their portable computer (lap top) to give you the most up to date information on your market at the convenience of your home. So when you are ready give us a chance to give our listing presentation. We can save you money on commissions plus give you an actual marketing plan that will help sell your home faster. With our creative marketing ideas you will have an edge over other properties for sale in your area, especially in this slow market. Remember it’s not how large or small the company is, it’s the Realtor of today that knows how to market your home on the computer!

Dave’s construction and research experience can help determine the market value for your home. Is it worth remodeling, should I remodel the kitchen or bath/s, paint, replace the carpet, replace the roof and so on. These are some of the questions every seller has. It all boils down to how much money I may or may not lose? Maybe just doing enough to make your home more marketable to sell faster. Sometimes it’s better if you do nothing. Every home and market is different. KUNO Real Estate has the knowledge and experience to help you get the most money!

Other Service Offered

  • Consulting Services for Small & Large Projects
  • Representation for Lenders/Banks with REO’s - Listing, Board Ups, Lock Service, Property Management

That is why you should use KUNO Real Estate!
You get the whole spectrum of knowledge and experience!

If you need to sell your home to purchase another it can be a challenge but not impossible. Please do not listen to what you hear, every market is different. Dave has 15 years of market research experience. He will take the time to go over all your options in your market and the market you want to be in. This is what sets KUNO Real Estate apart from the rest, Market Research and presenting it to you were it makes sense. Keep in mind when it was a "sellers market" the seller received top dollar. When the seller purchased another home the seller paid top dollar. Now that it's a “buyers market” it's the opposite. When you sell you may break even or lose money but you make up for it when you buy, its all relative!
If you were to sell and not purchase anything then you will lose money (equity).

For example; We helped our client purchase a home four years ago for $215,000 at the time the market was peaking out. Now our client is married with a growing family and in need for a larger home. We sold their home for $195,000, a $20,000 loss.
As soon as we gathered all the information we needed on what type of home they were looking for we started searching the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and found 3 different subdivisions with the school system they wanted to be in. Each subdivision homes were selling differently than the other based on age, square feet, beds, baths and so on. We compared all options and told them this particular subdivision will give them more dollar value with the criteria they were looking for. We helped them purchase a home for $390,000 which sold for $475,000 four years ago. Now you can see the $20,000 loss on their home gave a total gain of $65,000 on their new one ($475,000 minus $390,000 = $85,000 minus the $20,000 loss = $65,000). It’s researching different markets to get the best value for the dollar.
Another example; We sold our clients home for $220,000 that we had helped them purchase six years ago for $250,000, a $30,000 loss. Our clients upgraded to a $450,000 home which four years ago sold for $550,000. Our clients lost $30,000 on their home they sold but they made $70,000 in equity on their new purchase.
The key is when will prices bottom and which markets will bottom first!
This is why Dave Kuno will break down everything you need to know. He is the best when it comes to researching markets and working with numbers!

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Here in the Midwest we do not have huge market swings like they do in California, Arizona, Vegas and Florida. Please do not listen to the media.
Our area has about 4% to 6% average appreciation a year under normal market conditions which we have not had since the late 1990’s to 2001. Home values are based on economics but values were inflated due to above normal market activity that was created by non-traditional lending practices.
We are in a deflationary period due to Globalization and will continue to be for a while unless unemployment numbers start coming down fast. Interest rates staying below 4% may help the market but it goes back to job growth. In my opinion all of 2010 will be like 2009, stagnate or deflationary.
I do not see the FED raising rates either for the rest of 2010.

Even if the Government helps create jobs we could still keep deflating. Why? Because what are these jobs going to pay? We need to create sustainable jobs were the average person is earning 50K to 100K, this will stabilize the market.
Incomes have to exceed the price for goods/services and inflation.
It will continue to be a buyers market until vacant inventory levels get back to normal.
Some areas have experienced an 8% to 15% decline and others 15% to 25% decline. The 15% to 25% declines are homes above $300,000 price range. Why? Because of sub-normal qualifying guidelines which fueled the new construction market in this price range, hence deflation. Existing homes were also affected above $300,000.
There was too much credit available.
The homes up to $130,000 are selling faster than the homes selling from $130,000 to $200,000. The homes above $200,000 are selling slower but once you get above $300,000 that market is the slowest.
Again we have to keep watching; investor confidence, commodities, interest rates, dollar, economic growth, GDP, employment numbers, wage numbers, inflation, deflation because of globalization and how it’s affecting our area. All this will dictate how many distressed properties that will become on the market (Short Sales & Foreclosures). The more homes that are for sale in a subdivision and no buyers, then that will lead to more deflation in home values. If one home in a subdivision is for sale we do not care what the market conditions are home values will be stable, Supply and Demand! There is always one family looking to live in that subdivision. It's when you have a lot of homes for sale in a subdivision that lead to falling prices because sellers keep lowering their price to sell. As a buyer even if prices come down another 3% to 5% you are still ahead of the game. Especially if you buy a foreclosure! You can not lose because of the equity you have made. But again it’s all about economics in an area!
Hopefully we gave you some points to think about please call us if you have any questions.
We are here to help you succeed. We have only scratched the surface on information.

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